About Qwik Wick™

Qwik Wick™ is a two layer fabric transport system. The first layer, closest to the body, is the Qwik Wick™ layer which wicks moisture off the skin to the outside layer. The Qwik Dry™ layer in turn quickly distributes moisture until it naturally evaporates. Qwik Wick is knit with Anti Microbial Yarn, which has ionized silver yarn knitted into the fabric and has permanent and effective anti-microbial properties which will not wash out.

A.M.Y. (Anti-Microbial Yarns)

Sometimes less is more.

Less bacteria means less odor. Amazing technology imbedded in A.M.Y. permanently inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria on your clothes. Less bacteria and odor, more freshness and comfort.